Best Commercial Tankless Water Heater

Whether you run a commercial kitchen, a laundry, a resort, a brewery, a service station, or any other business property with hot water, you’ll want to invest in the highest GPM tankless water heaters. But here’s the question: can a business tankless water heater supply enough hot water during peak loads?

Every form of the company requires its supply of hot water. Some people need a tankless water heater for their sinks, while others require one (or more) to accommodate a dishwasher or washing machine. Cleaning operations also make use of tankless water heaters.

Each of these scenarios necessitates a different approach. I will cover the majority of them later in the essay. If you don’t want to read the entire article, you can open the table of contents and skip to the section that pertains to your organization.

Here’s a comparison of the top commercial tankless water heaters available:



    • Brand: Rheem
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Power: ‎Gas-Powered
    • Best Thing:Heat Water Super Fast
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Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus

    • Brand: Stiebel Eltron
    • Power Source: Battery Powered
    • Power: 2400W
    • Material: Copper
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    • Brand: Takagi
    • Flow Rate: 14.5 GPM
    • Power Sources: Gas Powered
    • Best Thing: Best For Small Houses
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Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series

      • Brand: Rinnai
      • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
      • Power Source: Polyvinyl Chloride
      • Best Thing:Digital Temperature Display
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EcoSmart ECO 11

      • Brand: EcoSmart
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Power: 13 KW
      • Best Thing:Best for Large Family
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The Rheem RTGH-C95DVLN appears identical to its residential counterpart. They are, however, extremely different: While most household tankless water heaters can only heat water to 120 degrees regardless of the temperature of the intake water, this device can heat water to 185 degrees and never go out! Schedule 40 This model is compatible with PVC venting or PPs.

This model has one distinguishing characteristic that sets it apart from others: It was a unique condensate neutralizer that was built-in. The pH of the condensate is raised, allowing it to be safely dumped into the drain. It protects pipes against corrosion and rust. Each unit has a maximum flow rate of 9.5 GPM, but if that isn’t sufficient, you may link up to 20 units into one system without additional accessories. Reliability is achieved by installing additional units. When a tankless unit fails, you may get it repaired while your firm is open for business.

You may use this device both indoors and outdoors. Copper pipes go through the Rheem tankless water heater. Rheem RTGH-C95DVLN may be placed in regions with temperatures as low as-30 degrees because of its freeze protection! It will deliver gas and water use information directly to your app. You can also use the app to control the temperature and keep the device running from afar. You may need to purchase and install an additional wifi module. Overall, the Rheem RTGH-C95DVLN is a wonderful, low-cost alternative to Rinnai. It offers fewer features but is less expensive.

  • Easy Installation.
  • Available in Gas and Propane
  • Low-NOx system reduces fumes and emissions.
  • Minimum flow rate of 0.26 GPM.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus

The Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus is a residential-grade device. We discussed it in our post on electric tankless water heaters for full houses. But here’s the catch: Commercial usage suggests a high demand for hot water. No electric tankless water heater is intended for continuous use. It would require far too much electricity. Tankless water heaters may be required for smaller uses such as sinks, showers, or cleaning operations in office properties or in places like hotel rooms or commercial kitchens. The most convenient options are likely to be electric.

For these purposes, we propose the Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus. It’s a German company that creates some of the most dependable electric tankless water heaters. Even in commercial applications, it ensures a longer lifespan. Although the technical specs aren’t the finest in the class, Stiebel is the ideal choice for commercial use due to its dependability, good service support, and excellent reputation.

It has a flow rate of 4.5 GPM, which means it can comfortably satisfy the hot water demand of a 3-compartment sink or a couple of showers. That should be enough. It requires 100 amp service and two 50 amp double pole breakers. As a result, ensure that your service can manage the traffic and that the panel has adequate capacity. If you’re seeking a business tankless water heater with even lower demand, we propose this one:

  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Control Temperature within few seconds
  • Bit Expensive

Takagi ASMENG Tankless Water Heaters


Even in commercial applications, it ensures a longer lifespan. Although the technical specs aren’t the finest in the class, Stiebel is the ideal choice for commercial use due to its dependability, good service support, and excellent reputation. It has a flow rate of 4.5 GPM, which means it can comfortably satisfy the hot water demand of a 3-compartment sink or a couple of showers. That should be enough. It requires 100 amp service and two 50 amp double pole breakers. As a result, ensure that your service can manage the traffic and that the panel has adequate capacity. If you’re seeking a business tankless water heater with even lower demand, we propose this one: Takagi Tankless Water Heater (T-K4-IN-NG) The greatest business tankless gas water heater has the following features:

system for self-diagnosis

It has a self-diagnostic mechanism and a red light on the console that illuminates when something goes wrong. Error codes are also shown when something goes wrong. In addition, a freeze prevention mechanism is built to keep the machine from freezing.

Installation is completely free.

You may put the heating unit indoors and outdoors. However, indoor installation requires venting. You may install it either vertically or horizontally. If you lack fundamental understanding, hire a professional to assist you with installation.

Temperature stability in the ocean

The temperature of the water is unaffected by the weather and can always remain steady. The temperature varies from 99 degrees Fahrenheit to 167 degrees Fahrenheit for commercial usage and is controlled by a remote. The necessary power ranges from 11000 to 190000 BTU per hour.

  • installation both indoors and outdoors.
  • Remote control, digital
  • A maximum flow rate of up to 8 GPM is possible.
  • An inbuilt anti-freeze system
  • The climate does not affect hot water output
  • high power
  • The installation of remote control is an additional cost.

Rinnai, RUC98iN

Rinnai, RUC98iN 5
  • very high-temperature range

It may raise the temperature to 185 degrees Fahrenheit for commercial usage, matching a continuous hot water supply requirement. However, you will require an additional commercial remote controller. Even for home usage, the maximum temperature reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • High flow rate

This unit’s flow rate is 9.8 gallons per minute; the high flow rate allows unlimited hot water. The required power ranges from 15200 to 199000 BTU per hour. However, it only requires two watts to keep the computer running.

  • Minimum waiting time

It takes around 20 seconds for the water to heat up, and once it does, you will have an endless supply of hot water. Its functioning noise is barely audible. It has two venting choices for durability: concentric PVC and twin-pipe.

  • It possesses a high energy rating of 0.95.
  • professional remote with a high-temperature range.
  • A five-year guarantee on heating components.
  • No audible noise.
  • Only 2 watts are required to keep the machine functioning.
  • Professional installation is required.

EcoSmart ECO 11 Water Heaters

 EcoSmart ECO 11

This unit, once again, is intended for household use. It is not intended to heat the water to 180 degrees or higher. But do you need 180°F hot water at the sink or in the shower? The Ecosmart ECO 11 can produce up to 3 GPM of hot water in warmer climes. This is equivalent to heating water for two sinks or a shower and a sink simultaneously. Even if your intake water temperature is frigid, you can still offer 1.5-2.5 GPM of hot water to a sink or shower. It is inexpensive and simple to install and may meet the installation criteria everywhere. You’ll need to make room for only one 60 amp breaker in your service panel. It is 99.8% efficient and never runs out of hot water. This is why it outperforms mini-tank water heaters. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for a commercial point-of-use tankless water heater.

  • Savings of up to 50% on water heating costs.
  • Compact Size and save space.
  • Copper and stainless components
  • Installed Unit with a restrictor.

What are the benefits of using a business tankless water heater?

Consumer Reports research shows that commercial tankless water heaters, including electric and gas models, are an energy-efficient means of generating hot water. They can treat a large amount of water without storing it. Therefore, they consume 22% less energy than tank-carrying water heaters.

Tankless heaters are also famous for their space-saving design. These items may be tiny and compact since they don’t need to utilise tanks to hold water. As a result, they may be easily installed in tiny spaces.

Above all, these units justify their high initial purchase price by providing a steady supply of hot water. When a hot water faucet is turned on, the water is heated by an electric element or a gas burner as it flows down the pipe. As a result, you won’t have to wait for hot water from the faucet.

Top considerations for commercial tankless water heaters

There are a lot of technical specs for each heater, like its thermal efficiency, flow rate (GPM), energy factor, and temperature range. We’ve done our best to make sure that you have all of this information when comparing models.

We’ve also included information about the size and weight of the device.

Price information has also been given, with the lowest price and the highest price representing the information that has been given. Everyone has a different budget, so this is an important thing to think about.

Warranty: We’ve put warranty information up where it’s possible.

Customer Reviews and Ratings We’ve looked into only the best tankless water heaters to include in this article, so you can be sure that any of these units will be a good choice.

Buying Guide For Best Commercial Tankless Water Heater:

In terms of capacity and other factors, commercial tankless water heaters vary slightly from their domestic equivalents. Let’s take a look at what to look for in one.

Flow rate or magnitude:

I went to great lengths regarding sizing tankless water heaters in this essay, but I’ll summarise it here. The greatest amount of hot water a tankless water heater can supply is sizing. GPM, or gallon per minute, is the unit of measurement. Noritz’s 13.2 GPM is the largest size on this list. However, keep in mind that the lower the flow velocity of a tankless device, the colder the incoming water that has to be heated is. Every manufacturer provides this information.

Therefore, to measure the tankless unit or figure out how many units you’ll need in big commercial settings such as hotels or laundromats, calculate the GPM of all the fixtures that may be used simultaneously and select which unit will suffice or how many you’ll need.

Let’s imagine you own a modest motel with ten bathrooms. Assume that all ten 1.5 gallons per minute showers are used in the morning. Then you’ll need a 15-gallon-per-minute water heater. Install a single large unit or a series of tiny units in a row. For this, you should also seek the advice of a professional.

Supply of energy/fuel:

Electric or gas tankless water heaters are available. Unless you have small commercial facilities like salons, restaurants, spas, etc., gas-fired heaters heat water quicker but are more expensive and require venting and other things. They are still viable solutions over electric heaters. Read much more about the differences between gas and electric tankless water heaters. Electrical versions require costly service upgrades, which can add up quickly, and they don’t provide as much hot water as gas.


Business tankless systems can heat water to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, which is necessary for commercial environments such as manufacturing plants. However, most of these tankless units require a commercial remote to raise the temperature. Be certain that the version you choose includes these features.


It’s not surprising. Commercial heating equipment, as well as maintenance and replacements, are costly. As a result, be sure the device you choose comes with a solid business warranty.

FAQ about the best commercial tankless water heaters.

Is it possible to utilize tankless water heaters in a business setting?

If appropriately designed, next-generation tankless water heaters can deliver an endless hot water supply that you will never run out of. It also saves 30% more energy and 90% more space than traditional tank types. Another benefit is that if they are properly cared for, they can last twice as long as tanks.

How often does a tankless water heater last in a business setting?

A business tankless water heater may last for 20 years when properly maintained and flushed.

What is the greatest tankless water heater?

Rinnai, Noritz, and Rheem are all viable possibilities.

Which is the most powerful tankless water heater in terms of GPM?

As previously noted above, Nortiz has the highest GPM commercial tankless water heater in stock. It can supply hot water at a rate of up to 13.2 GPM.

How often does a tankless water heater cost in a business setting?

Depending on the size and brand, a business tankless water heater might cost anywhere from $1000 to $4000.


Because of the huge demand for power and hot water, one commercial tankless water heater is usually not enough in big hospitals and hotels to meet the requirements. Therefore, you have to cascade numerous of them together. If you don’t know how and what to do about it, then please consult the manufacturer first and then acquire professional help. Due to the high cost of electricity and water heating, one industrial tankless water heater is frequently insufficient to meet the needs of big hospitals and hotels. As a result, you’ll need to group a lot of them together. If you’re not sure how to handle it, talk to the supplier first, and then seek expert assistance.

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