Best Electric Tankless Water Heater Consumer Reports (June 2022)

Best electric tankless water heater consumer reports are those which are highly efficient and ergonomic in style due to their efficient working and outstanding qualities in real-time. They provide heated water and give a lifetime guarantee to all users who buy and use these. After consumer reports, we tested many water heaters and learned about the top and best tankless water heaters that are good at their quality and working.

In this article, there is a complete review of all those toilets and their work. Some of the frequently asked questions by consumers are also mentioned. If you are in a hurry, you can have an analysis of the given table.

Here is the Quick Comparison of the Best Electric Tankless Water Heater Consumer Reports


Rheem RTEX-08

    • Brand: Rheem
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Power: ‎Battery Powered
    • Best Thing:Self-modulating
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Rinnai RUCS75iN

    • Brand: Rinnai
    • Power Source: Gas Powered
    • Flow Rate: 7.5 GPM
    • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 22 x 34 x 14.5 inches
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Bosch Electric Mini

    • Brand: Bosch Thermotechnology
    • Flow Rate: 9.8GPM
    • Power Sources: Corded Electric
    • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13.75 x 10.75 x 13.75 inches
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iHeat Tankless S-16

      • Brand: iHeat Tankless
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Power Source: 16 KW
      • Item Dimensions LxWxH:3.5 x 7.7 x 11.5 inches
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Eemax SPEX3512

      • Brand: Eemax
      • Item Weight: 3.15 Pounds
      • Power Source: Battery Powered
      • Item Dimensions LxWxH:3 x 5 x 9.75 inches
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Rheem RTEX-27

      • Brand: Rheem
      • Product Weight: 17.8 Pounds
      • Power: Battery Powered
      • Item Dimensions LxWxH:10.2 x 45.7 x 48.3 centimeters
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Rheem RTG-70XLP-1

      • Brand: Rheem
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Power: Gas Powered
      • Item Dimensions LxWxH:9.88 x 13.88 x 25.63 inches
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Rheem RTEX-06

      • Brand: Rheem
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Power: Gas Powered
      • Item Dimensions LxWxH:9.88 x 13.88 x 25.63 inches
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Top 8 Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Here are the best tankless water heater consumer reports that are best to use for your home. Let’s review this one by one without waiting more!

Rheem RTEX-08 (B01N12VLI7)

This electric water heater is one of the best adjustable temperature water heaters that is very ergonomic in design and has many features that attract several customers daily lives to buy this heater. Suppose you will ask a professional and an experienced man to suggest a water heater for most men. Almost 80 percent will recommend this tankless water heater because of the amazing facts about it. The number of users and buyers to acknowledge this has been increasing day by day. Let’s have a look at the features due to which it is famous all over the world and is getting publicity.

Rheem RTEX-08 (B01N12VLI7)

Important Feature

Dial Control to On and OFF

One of the beautiful aspects of the heater is the dial to adjust the temperature, making the heater very perfect to use. Hence, we can easily adjust the temperature of the heater just by clicking on that button. The display screen for changing the climate is another feature that makes the heater the best and most worthwhile to buy within a choice of hundreds of temperatures.

Self Modulating Power Control

Its self modulating power control is another feature that is very important and considerable to look upon the heater for permanent use. The heater gets automatically turned off when water is overheated and vice versa.

Ideal Flow Rate

With its ideal flow rate, which is 1.96GPM, this heater is another feature that most people look for, hence making it easy to heat water for quick usage in case of an emergency. It is ideal for use at home, in offices, and in the kitchen and bathroom for different purposes.

Elegant Design

It’s an elegant design with dimensions of 1.95 GP12.63 x 3.63 x 10.88 inches, and a weight of 16 ounces helps to add easiness to its installation, which is another feature enhancing its publicity.

  • Very easy to install.
  • The flow rate is high.
  • Production of continuous hot water.
  • Dial control is available to on and off the heater.
  • Self-modulating power is very high..
  • It can be cracked if used carelessly.
  • Too hot water.

Rinnai RUCS75iN (B010Q1XG7G)

Rinnai RUCS75iN heater is another beautiful water heater that is well-reputed worldwide due to some interesting facts about it, and benefits are plus features attracting the US and other customers. If you are looking for the best water heater without compromising quality and price, it’s the best choice. The use of natural gas and electricity in one combination enhances its working efficiency and makes it the best innovative technology trademark worldwide. The use of timers and many other plus devices help to use it, providing the highest comfortability level.

Rinnai RUCS75iN (B010Q1XG7G)

Important Features

Easy to Install

The first and fundamental features of the product are easiness of installation at any time without the addition of a professional. Even a single person can handle this heater. With its full instruction chip, it’s straightforward to install and use this heater.

Flow Rate

With its high flow rate, it attracts several customers daily and hour to hour. 7.5 GPM hot water flow rate, which differs from group depth it’s another highly recommended water heater which is one of the professionals’ ideals.

Mobile App Timer

Its essential and outstanding feature is the mobile app timer, which enables setting a specific time according to need. Hence, you can quickly turn it off after a particular interval of time, fulfilling your needs and requirements. Just the use of a remote makes it possible to use it more conveniently.


A warranty of 120 months is a beautiful feature which makes everyone attracted to buying this heater. Hence, if you need a heater for a long time, Rinnai RUCS75iN is the best choice for you.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Highly affordable to buy.
  • Old and favorite heaters of people in the market.
  • The mobile app timer makes its use very easy.
  • Also, shower cold water sometimes.

Bosch Thermotechnology Tronic 3000 (B0148O658Y)

Bosch Thermo technology is another best and great water heater with many advantages and features that make people attentive to buy and use it. With its piece of the sink and a flexible installation, it’s the center of people’s eyes, especially in winters and at the places where snowfall is shared and every winter season. The size and design make it highly ideal for everyone to buy.

Bosch Thermotechnology Tronic 3000 (B0148O658Y)

Important Features

Instantaneous Hot Water

Best Electric tankless water heater consumer reports with excellent design and outstanding qualities are the best and most fantastic choice ever, providing instantaneous hot water that is perfect for home use and commercial use.

Flexible Installations

Installation is straightforward and flexible, which makes everyone its use easy. Its pipe and water provider can be rotated at 360 degrees angles, an outstanding feature of the heater. Moreover, it saves space in your place, needed for many of those heaters without the rotation.

Elegant Style and Look

Its elegant style and look is another feature which makes t highly ideal to buy because it makes your place very beautiful and friendly. Dimensions are only 6.6″ x 12.8″ x 2.9″ inches, which are good with less weight, which is 5.19 pounds only. The heater’s white color is another fantastic feature that attracts some people from the USA and other countries to select.


Five years of warranty makes this highly attractive and selective to buy. Hence, it’s one of the long-term use water heaters without adding to the tank.

  • 360 degrees rotation makes it attractive to use.
  • Ergonomic style.
  • Flexible installations.
  • Warranty based heaters.
  • The highest number of positive reviews.
  • The power cord is not available.
  • May cause noise while running.

iHeat Tankless S-16 (B00PP4RRPM)

One of the best, ideal, and highly recommended heaters because of its plus features rather than many other toilets, which attracts the attention of many users who are always looking for a heater because of the winter or cold environment. It’s effortless and ideal to use for nearby oceans, seas, and water reservoirs due to its high working efficiency and several positive facts. Let’s have a look at some of its top and unique features.

iHeat Tankless S-16 (B00PP4RRPM)

Important Features

Composite Design

iHeat Tankless S-16 240V tankless water heater with stainless steel and other material is tough and protective to install. Due to high-quality material which is used during its working increases and warranty time is also increased. It not only enhances the warranty but also adds in working quality by speeding it 30 times faster.

Saves Heating Cost

It’s a waterproof tankless water heater that helps to save heating costs because in many other cases water is lost due to its leakage. On the other hand, it consumes less voltage and electricity which reduce heating and electric cost.

Commercial Usage

recommended for commercial purposes near the sea, water reservoirs, rivers, and ponds where water is available in large quantities. Hence, it saves water costs during this process and while working.

Useful for Sterile Applications

Another unique and positive aspect of the heater is that it’s useful for sterile applications where you need a high level of cleanliness, including your kitchen, hospitals, clinics, and other places where cleanliness is the top priority.

  • Save money because of less price.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • The flow rate is very high.
  • Continuous heat water production.
  • Save cost and water loss.
  • Stopped working due to continuous use.
  • Proper wiring is required.

Eemax SPEX3512 (B07MQKTKBD)

This tankless electric water heater is a white color water heater with safe start technology and active controls. Several features attract customers to view, buy, and use them in their daily lives for routine work. It uses very little electricity, only 240 volts, which is another feature that makes it very high. Its exquisite design and many other elements in one combination make this heater very ideal and recommended to use. All of these features make it a top-brand water heater.

Eemax SPEX3512 (B07MQKTKBD)

Important Features

Output Depends on Flow Rate

Its output depends upon flow rate, which means the more is the flow rate, the more heated water is gained. Another advantage of the flow rate dependence is that you can hot water according to your demands and season, i.e., if there is less cold season, you can decrease flow rate and vice versa.

Specific Orientation

Another feature about the toilet is that it mounts on a specific orientation, which is about rather than any place to install and use it. Hence, considered one of the professional tankless water heaters available in the market—most customers who require a heater for commercial usage demand this heater and consider it a top priority.

Auto Control

Self intelligence and auto control level are other features that many people look into this. The self-diagnostic is another property making it highly ideal and useful to buy and install. It is turned off when water is heated according to the environment as and provides automatic working.

Ergonomic Design

Its ergonomic design is another feature that makes it well-reputed and flawless to look at. Making your place beautiful and pleasant provides a high working level providing hot water that depends upon your requirement.

Safe Start technology

Safe start technology is another feature that is seamless to any other heater and is ideal for making the heater efficient and highly attractive. The main aim is to enhance the heater and electric appliances’ safety by saving start from low voltage to high voltage.

  • Save water and water cost.
  • Useful for commercial and personal purposes.
  • Reliable and trusted to buy.
  • It makes your place beautiful and pleasant to look at.
  • May create noise.
  • Auto-off technology may create hurdles to use.

Rheem RTEX-27 (B01N5R9FQB)

Rheem 240V 3 Heating Chambers RTEX-27 Residential Tankless Water Heater is another best tankless water heater for residential and home usage, which is very recommended due to its high ideal and efficient features the heater very ideal to use for everyone. Several elements with beneficial effects are the reasons for making this heater very suitable to use for everyone. Design, working, and warranty in real-time enhance the value of the heater by triple times.

Rheem RTEX-27 (B01N5R9FQB)

Important Features

Temperature Control and LED Display

LED display and temperature control to enhance the interest of people who find it difficult to check a heater and its temperature manually. There s a thermostat and LED display, which at the same time not only helps to control temperature but also adds in the digits and maintains the working quality.

Self Modulation

Its self-modulation quality is another feature that is unique and ideal to use for everyone making this heater the best choice from millions of other products of the same price and brand. Water is heated according to the environment. For maximum level in a cold-water setting, while in a hot warmer climate; water is heated in significantly less quantity.

Copper Immersion

Surface and Copper immersion make this heater very efficient and attracts millions of customers to buy this heater. It enhances warranty time and enables it to work to use for a long time without harming and protecting against water leakage.

Installation is straightforward

Straightforward to install because of its composite design and other flexible features making it dead easy to use for commercial and other home-usage. If any part is damaged, then it can be easily replaced.

  • Easy installation.
  • High level of modulation.
  • Provide easiness in working and heating water.
  • Auto control features.
  • Copper immersion makes it durable.
  • Reasons of noise.
  • Costly.

Rheem RTG-70XLP-1 (B07B92CTHR)

It is one of the best tankless water heater consumer reports that are mostly used worldwide as we know that we all live in a world of technology. We are dependent on new technology. These new inventions are made for us. So that we can benefit from technology, these technologies save our money and save our time.

This tankless heater is used to heat water so that we can easily use this water as we know that many countries on the earth are situated in such places that their climate is mostly cold all over the year. Some areas are in which half of the year is primarily unconscious, and in some quarters of the year is cooled. As I know, we can not live without water, but we can use cool water for different life purposes. The countries where the temperature almost remains zero all year, the water temperature is also shallow. This water cannot be used until we do it hot. Water heaters are used for this purpose so that we can use water easily. Rheem RTG-70XLP-1 Tankless Water Heater is used all over the world to heat water.

Rheem RTG-70XLP-1 (B07B92CTHR)

Important Features

Small size:

This water tank is available in small sizes, and we can adjust it everywhere in the house where we want. You can quickly move this tank easily and place it easily.

Elegant Design:

The things that are beautiful in design mostly attract people. This water heater is fabulous in its design and attracts customers. It has a grey color that the customers mostly like.

Control heat setting:

This means that y.ou can set the temperature of the water as you want to get. This setting allows you to change the temperature of the water.

  • Easy to buy.
  • Beautiful color.
  • Modern features.
  • Sometimes create noise.
  • creates electrical shocks due to low cables.

Rheem RTEX-06 (B01N24APE8)

It is one of the best electric tankless water heater consumer reports that provide you with hot water in your home. Some regions can not use normal water due to the low temperature in the world. These tankless water heaters are best for them. This tankless water heater provides you with hot water for all the needs of your home. You can use water for your bathroom, kitchen, and daily life use. You can use this water heater for one purpose or multiple services.

Rheem RTEX-06 (B01N24APE8)

Important Features

Fabulous design

This product is wonderful in design, which is why people are attracted to this product. This product has a grey color. This tankless water heater has a meager weight of 4.5 pounds and has a dimension of 5.88 x 2.75 x 10.88 inches.

Easy to buy

This means it is low in price and you can easily buy it. Because it is in a range of money so that everyone can easily buy it. Anyone who wants hot water can buy this with a small amount of money

Heat control setting

This setting allows you to change the temperature of the water according to your climate and needs.

Easy to use

You can easily place it at any position in your home. Because this is very light in weight and you can quickly move it.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Attractive design.
  • Guarantee product.
  • Sometimes create noise.
  • Consume more electricity.

Buying Guides

After reviewing these water heaters, the next point is to select the best electric tankless water heater consumer reports, which is the very tough stage and is the primary step that makes it possible to think which heater is best for you. Do not worry, here I am providing some guidelines which might help you to buy a tankless water heater according to your requirement and wish:

Power Supply/Voltage

The first and essential guide is to look upon the power supply or how much voltage a water heater is consuming and adjust it according to your electricity supply power. For example, if you live in an area with less electric power supply, you must buy a water heater that consumes less energy and voltage in daily life.

Installation Process

The next guide is to look installation process and pace to mount the best electric tankless water heater consumer reports. Always look upon your place where you want to put a water heater and then work according to the area without any resistance. It’s best to avoid any type of misunderstanding in using a water heater later. You can ask where you are going to buy this, either online or in the local market. Look if you need a heater for outdoor or indoor usage, and then select it accordingly.

Water Flow requirement

Water flow requirement is highly recommended to look before buying a heater, which helps fulfill your needs according to the environment and water heating phenomenon. If you live in a less cold water area, you should buy a water heater with less flow rate and vice versa.


According to consumer reports, price is another feature that matters a lot when buying the best electric tankless water heater. If you have a low amount of money, you should go for a water heater that best suits your budget. On the other hand, if you have a large amount of money, you should look for a tankless water heater at a high price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it necessary to vent electric tankless heaters?

It does not even, in fact. Only a tankless gas water heater requires venting.

Could it be difficult to set up a tankless electric water heater?

Experienced do-it-yourselfers may argue that it’s easy. Whenever you don’t understand what you’ve been doing, nevertheless, you should just not try. It’s far too risky. Furthermore, some on-demand systems must be installed by a roofing professional, or the company’s guarantee would be voided.

An electric tankless water heater consumes how much power (amps)?

For a low-flow POU unit, the smallest demand we found was 14 A. POE systems can deliver up to 150 amps.

What efficient are electric tankless water heaters in terms of power consumption?
The technique is extremely efficient, with a 95% efficiency rate. Just on market, the finest electric water heater has a 99.8% efficiency rating.

What does an electric tankless water heater cost to operate?

Yearly prices might range from less than $100 to more than $300.

Which one is the best tankless water heater consumer reports in 2022?

Here is a list according to our analysis;

1)  Rheem RTEX-08 8kW

2)   Rinnai RUCS75iN

4)  iHeat Tankless S-16

3)  Bosch Thermotechnology

5)  Eemax SPEX3512

Do you think a tankless water heater is a lifetime investment?

In general, all Tankless water heating devices are built to last at least a decade.

Is this water heater capable of concurrently providing water to three fittings?

This one is determined by your unit’s minimum output water flow rate at its minimum temperature requirement. If you carefully selected a unit after carefully examining your requirements, it will undoubtedly meet your demands.

Is it a device that’s solely good for business?

Producers make it obvious if the product is intended for home, business, or both uses. When purchasing, read the instructions carefully or get advice from the vendor or salesperson.

Is it going to be able to keep providing hot water indefinitely?

The majority of tankless water heaters are designed to deliver an endless supply of hot water as long as temperature, voltage, and current requirements are met.

Is it capable of storing water for an extended period of time?

All hot water is supplied by tankless water heating systems.

Final Views

The best electric tankless water heater consumer reports are ideal, fabulous, and unique products to use in daily life, especially if you are living in an area of cold weather. It saves you from using cold water in winter and hence saves your life. It is available to be used for different tasks, including in routines. All of the products we mentioned above are the best, affordable, and recommended for daily use. You can use and buy any one of these without thinking for a second. In the end, if you have any questions regarding the best tankless water heater, you are welcome to ask any time.

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