Best Outdoor Tankless Water Heater – Top 5 Reviews

Tankless water heaters are more technologically advanced and more efficient and reliable than tank water heaters. So let us say you’re deciding whether it’s worthwhile to upgrade to a tankless heater. We’ve collected together the best outdoor tankless water heater electric reviews to enable you to make a choice.

The best outdoor tankless water heater reduces the need for warming water before usage. Instead, they include a number of cool characteristics that work together to give continuous hot water. Furthermore, these water heaters feature innovations like self-modulating technology, which allow them to save water.

Best outdoor tankless water heater

They are also energy-saving, so your energy bills will not increase. They’re made to make your life more accessible than it’s ever been before. So, if you’re looking to buy one or two, have a look at our assessments of the top 10 best outdoor tankless water heaters in 2021. Think about taking a cross-country family vacation in an RV. What a luxury it would be to have infinite hot water for all of your needs? This is easily accomplished with a low-cost, one-time purchase of a portable outdoor tankless water heater electric. Unfortunately, you’ll need to do a lot of research to locate the finest outdoor tankless water heater because there are so many options, models, and brands on the market.

Here is the list of Quick comparisons of the Best Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters.


Eccotemp L5

    • Brand: Eccotemp
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Power Souce: Propane
    • Best Thing:Easy to Operate
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Noritz NR50ODN

    • Brand: Noritz
    • Power Source: Gas Powered
    • Power: 120,000 Btuh
    • Best Thing: Low Nox
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Camplux 5L

    • Flow Rate: 1.32 GPM
    • Power Sources: Battery Powered
    • Best Thing: Flame Failure Device
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Coco 7KW

      • Brand: Elektrische Durchlauferhitzer
      • Material: ‎ABS environmental protection material
      • Power: 7000W
      • Best Thing:Digital Temperature Display
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Happybuy 18L

      • Brand: Happybuy
      • Material: ‎Stainless Steel, Copper
      • Power: 36 KW
      • Best Thing:Wind Powered
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Top 5 Best Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

Here are the best outdoor tankless water heaters that are best to use for your home. Let’s assess this one by one without wasting time.

Eccotemp L5 (B01MXDZCKM)

After thorough research, we’ve included another top outdoor tankless water heater on our list. Eccotemp L5 is what we’ve got. The Eccotemp is the most popular tankless water heater on the market since it is highly portable and instant. It uses less energy and produces unlimited hot water. It’s also really efficient and speedy.

Eccotemp L5 (B01MXDZCKM)


A rechargeable battery ignition is available on the Eccotemp outdoor tankless water heater Electric. Between 50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it is effective it’s also capable of working with very little water flow. It also includes a showerhead, garden hose connector, and a CSA regulator for a grilled propane tank.

What distinguishes it from others?

The fact that it produces hot water at a flow rate of 1.5 GPM is the first feature that distinguishes it as the most OK outdoor tankless water heater in 2021. Due to its portability and lightweight can also be used for camping, off-grid, and outdoor showers.

Buyer’s Perspective:

Eccotemp’s outdoor tankless water heater is a beautiful piece of equipment. It is only 14 pounds in weight. It contains easy-to-use temperature controls and an instruction manual for the user’s benefit. Furthermore, the heater shuts off automatically after 20 minutes if it is not turned off for the user’s safety. Therefore, if the heater is turned on for an extended period at temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, it will turn off. Finally, for comfort, it comes in simple packaging and small size.

 The Final Word

To summarize, Eccotemp is the best outdoor tankless water heater if you reside in a temperate climate. It is one of the best outdoor tankless water heater propane because of its flexibility, portable, efficient operation, and compact form.

  • Brings comfort to the home..
  • With a Relief valve to easily drain the water out..
  • water with low pressure..
  • Little nice for family camping.

Noritz NR50ODN. (B00MBBH1OE)

The Noritz NR500D is a high-efficiency outdoor tankless water heater that can be installed outside your home. This gas-fired tankless heater offers instant hot water at such a rate of 5-GPM. In 1981, Noritz was the first to manufacture an electrically powered tankless heater. However, outdoor installation demands the use of a valve kit, which is not included.

Noritz NR50ODN. (B00MBBH1OE)

Recent Buyers’ Experiences

The majority of previous Noritz heater purchasers are impressed with the installation process. Another of the company’s recent purchasers stated that he was seeking a replacement for his old heater, which was prone to leaks. He is quite pleased with the efficiency and great performance of this unit after investing in it. Other people have reported the same thing.

What Makes It Stand Out to Us

This outdoor tankless water heater stands out for us since it is lightweight and simple to install. It saves you the cost of hiring a professional to come in and install the heater. So, instead of paying for it, you can install it yourself and save money.

Who Will Make the Most Use of It?

Those who require an outside tankless heater but do not wish to spend a large amount of money installing and maintaining one will be comforted to know that this unit is simple to install and maintain. All you need is a small space and a few tools, and the rest is taken care of.


These are all contracts: highly efficient, highly economical, easy to install, and with various safety features. If you are frequently away from home but are unsure how much hot water you want, this best outdoor tankless water heater is an excellent alternative, as you will be able to immediately obtain heated water once you return.

  • Protection from the cold.
  • Low usage of energy.
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi.
  • Steel casing with a long life span.
  • Weatherproofing is required.
  • Heavily packed.



Think again if you believed it was impossible to have hot water instantaneously, no matter where you are. Because, thanks to technology improvements, a tankless water heater may be carried and used on-demand.

But portability isn’t the only benefit of these water heaters; they also promise significant energy savings of up to 34% in most situations, as well as the usage of less water. As a result, costs are lower, and the environment is cleaner due to lower emissions. The best part is that we offer one of the best portable tankless water heaters, the Camplux 5L Model AY132.


Do you want to know what makes outdoor tankless water heaters better than regular tank heaters? The latter, on the other hand, required greater storage space and came with a higher chance of leaking. Leaks are not only costly to repair, but they are also harmful because we frequently don’t realize we have a leak until our energy bills rise or the ceiling begins to discolor. The discontent is excruciating. If you travel frequently and find yourself in areas with limited hot water, don’t you think a tankless portable gas-powered water heater should be on your list of travel necessities? Especially if, like the rest of us, you can’t handle being around cold water?

Energy Efficient:

This portable outdoor tankless water heater propane is highly energy efficient in terms of the amount of energy used. The heater is also powered by 2D cell batteries, making it suitable for usage when there is no electricity. That, however, is only the beginning. Continue reading to find out more about this Camplux water heater’s distinguishing qualities.

  • It works without electricity.
  • It is pretty simple to set up.
  • This unit comes with all of the essential installation equipment.
  • The water flow rate is low.

CoCo Outside Electric Tankless Water Heater (B07KDKCL9R)

4. CoCo Outside Electric Tankless Water Heater (B07KDKCL9R)


The style of these best outdoor tankless water heaters is highly contemporary. It will go nicely with your modern design because it is so eye-catching. This water heater comes in two colors: metallic and white. The water heater has an LED inter-screen Glass panel with thermostatic stability that allows you to manage the temperature.


It’s a portable outside tankless water heater that can be used at home, in hospitals, and in other places. It’s also simple to put together on your own. Temperatures might vary between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius. The most significant truth is that this outdoor water heater is eco-friendly because it does not use energy when it is turned off.

It also has intelligent temperature control. For safety, the water and electricity are separated. It has a heating capacity of 7 KW. It’s made of stainless steel, which can withstand extreme temperatures. If the customer is displeased with the product, it can be returned within 30 days.

  • Instant Hot water.
  • Lower monthly Cost.
  • Space Saving.
  • Unpredictable temperatures.

Happybuy 18L (B08G53516L)

5. Happybuy 18L (B08G53516L)


Oil and natural gas are compatible with this outdoor water heater. It has a 4.8 gallon per minute flow rate. It’s built of stainless steel, so you can count on this outdoor tankless water heater to last a long time. With sufficient water pressure, it has a heat output power of 36 KW. It operates at a pressure of 2000 Pa. It is 27.5” x 15.5” x 8” in size.

 This means you’ll need to seek the appropriate area on your house’s side. The fact that this outdoor tankless water heater saves electricity is significant. It also contains superior energy-saving features to reduce gas consumption and noise from the burning process. Water temperature can be adjusted for both cold and warm water. It also features a built-in anti-freeze feature.


LPG is used as the principal energy source in this high-quality water heater. When turned on, it will provide limitless hot water without having to wait. With a current temperature display and a gas & water outlet knob that allows you to easily control the water temperature. To ensure safety, there are multiple levels of protection. It’s small, wall-mountable, and trendy. This is a must-have appliance that you should not overlook.


Premium Quality:

Tankless water heater; LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) gas supply; 36KW power; 18L/min (4.8GPM) hot water output; anti-rust stainless steel case; high-temperature-resistant copper water devices A outdoor tankless water heater propane gas regulator and line, as well as a water filter, are included.

Effortless Control:

Rotate the gas supply and water output control knobs to conveniently modify the hot water temperature, which is displayed in a clear LED display. Also, provide a summer/winter setting to choose from in order to save electricity.

Multi-Level Protection:

Concerned about user safety, numerous protection techniques, such as over 75°C protection, low water flow protection, and so on, have been implemented. It also comes with a showerhead kit and may start with low water pressure.

Mounted on The Wall:

It’s small, portable, and tankless, and it can be mounted on the wall to save room. 4.5″ smoke exhaust pipe output, copper standard G1/2″ hose connectors (not included).

Diversible Application: 

A CE-certified appliance that heats up quickly, making it ideal for bathroom showering, hand washing, pet showering, and sink cleaning. Ensure that you have continual access to hot water, especially during the winter or in colder climates. At any time, you can take a relaxing shower.

  • Temperature control.
  • Digital Display.
  • Effortless Control.
  • Multi-Level Protection.
  • Only mounted on the wall.

Tips for Choosing the Best outdoor Tankless Water Heater.

There are numerous aspects to consider when faced with so many outdoor tankless water heaters brands on the market in 2020:


The heating machine must be qualified and designed with an outstanding quality level, as safety is a vital priority. Many self-protection functions are available for some high-tech tankless water heaters, which turn the equipment off automatically when it is in danger.

Smart functions: 

There are additional intelligent functions indicated, such as anti-frozen, anti-corrosion, and Wi-Fi-enabled remote control. Some of them may be of great assistance to you, while others may have no meaning at all. When it comes to smart functions, you should first determine whether you require them and choose based on your basic requirements.

Source Power:

Electric, propane, and gas are the three types of outdoor tankless water heaters. If you’re having difficulties deciding, you can learn more about the three types of heating equipment by looking at the comparison we drew between them.


The temperature and flow velocity of the water will vary depending on the weather. Most outdoor tankless water heaters reach the normal range when used in warm areas, but the flow rate drops by 2-3 GPM when used in cold regions. As a result, if you reside in a chilly climate, you should think about the weather. For long-term outdoor use, the chosen outdoor tankless water heater must have freeze protection. 

Rate of Flow:

You should know how much flow rate you require from water heaters before purchasing. Calculate the typical daily water flow in your home and compare it to the product range.


Outdoor tankless water heaters, as previously said, are mainly used for both domestic and travel purposes. For domestic use, the size is determined by the size of your home. However, you should get a compact and lightweight one for travel purposes, as it will be a significant load on your journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the best outdoor tankless water heater cost?

A tankless water heater for the outdoors costs about $150 USD.

How big should my outdoor tankless electric water heater be?

The size is entirely determined by your needs. To be fair, the tankless heaters’ measurements are made in gallons per minute. If the product has a higher GPM rate, it will be enough to supply the whole family.

Is it possible to install tankless water heaters inside or outside?

Tankless water heaters intended for indoor use often lack the necessary freezing and weather protection to operate in outdoor environments. As a result, it is usually not a good idea to put an indoor unit outside because it could break down.
Outside units should not be brought inside since they need different ventilation and the inside system may be different.

Is it possible to install a tankless water heater in the backyard?

Of course, you can, which is why outside units are made. As a result, the production processes for an indoor unit and an outdoor unit are distinct. They’re built to withstand the elements. Extreme temperature decreases are better handled by the outside units.


For outdoor purposes, the water heater should be completely safe, and the flow rate should be excellent because there are several brands regarding outdoor water heaters.

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