Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heaters – June 2022

If you are searching for the best point of use tankless water heater provider to any place with just one turning the tap. So, you are at the right place. Here, we will explain water heaters that provide instant hot water in any area where you want. The tankless and tank water heater provides hot water according to the point-of-use. Suppose you want hot water in a single basin tap and one shower tap called two-point of use tankless water heaters that provide warm water to only two points.

Mostly point of use water heater for washing machine, washroom, tub, shower sink, and for other appliances, it has become very cozy. Therefore to get instant warm water when you need it is a better solution than the above. The POU tankless water heaters work amazingly in every situation. 

Have a quick Look at the comparison of Best Point of Use Tankless Waer Heaters.


Stiebel Eltron 074050

    • Brand: Stiebel Eltron
    • Style: DHC 10-2
    • Power: ‎Battery Powered
    • Item Dimensions LxWxH:19 x 7.9 x 14.25 inches
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ECOTOUCH Point-of-Use

    • Brand: ECOTOUCH
    • Material: Material
    • Heat Output: 5.5 Kilowatts
    • Installation Method: ‎Wall Mounted
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Ecosmart ECO MINI

    • Brand: Ecosmart ECO MINI
    • Capacity: 2.5 Gallons
    • Power Sources: Battery Powered
    • Item Weight: 15.8 Pounds
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Atmor AT-900

      • Brand: Atmor
      • Material: Corded Electric
      • Power Source: 3.5 KW
      • Item Weight:‎5.88 pounds
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PowerStar AE

      • Brand: Bosch
      • Power Source: AC
      • Power: 7.2 KW
      • Best Thing:Easy Installation
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Bosch Electric

      • Brand: Bosch Thermotechnology
      • Product Weight: 5 Pounds
      • Power: Corded Electric
      • Item Dimensions LxWxH:12.25 x 3 x 6.5 inches
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Thermoflow UT10

      • Brand: Thermoflow
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Power: 120V Corded-Electric
      • Item Dimensions LxWxH:18 x 11 x 12.2 inches
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Top 7 Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heater

Here we have enlisted the seven best point of use tankless water heater. These heaters will heat your water quickly and provide hot water instantly where you want. If you’re going to read a full review about tankless water heaters. So, keep scrolling.

Stiebel Eltron 074050 (B000JGDOBM)

If you are looking for a mini water heater for your bathroom or kitchen faucet. So that is very good to set up easily under the sink with many point-of-use options. The Stiebel Eltron 3-1 074050 electric tankless water heater requires a small space and best works with a single fixture purpose. 

Stiebel Eltron 074050 (B000JGDOBM)


Quickly Hot Water Supply 

Stiebel Eltron 120V DHC 3-1 Electric Tankless Water gives hot water quickly and efficiently with 120v powers. The water warms instantly with low power consumption. This is the best point-of-use tankless water heater that requires 50% less energy consumption than other heaters.  

This will allow you to set the desired temperature Range according to your need and save as much ney and power as possible. The temp range might be 86°F to 140°F. 

Excellent Flow Rates 

The fantastic thing about this tankless water heater is its max flow rate which is 1.14 GPM. The hot water is on-demand, but it’s best suitable for shower taps and single point-of-use. The flow rate of the shower tap is 0.8 GPM. A point-of-use plugin tankless water heater is usually water-saving faucets, and showers consume 0.5 GPM of hot water.


The wattage of this 120v) point-of-use tankless water heater is 3W. That shows you how this is a powerful machine with a robust structured design. 

Point-of-use Water Heater Installation

As you know, this is a mini tankless water heater that can easily install under the sink or basin of the kitchen. After installation, it does not look bad and is best suited for indoors. 

Other Features

Stiebel Eltron DHC 3-1 is made with this high functionality. The primary function is microprocessor technology which works amazingly and monitors all information about the heating process. And you can control heating elements smartly. 

Best Suitable

Stiebel Eltron DHC 3-1 is best for many purposes, requiring small and limited use of hot water. Like, fit for the benefit of bathroom sinks, boats, RVs, kitchen sinks, and some more. Also best for office use, gym, parlors, schools, restaurants, etc. The only thing you should keep in mind is this works as a single point-of-use hot water provider; it does not work for more fixtures. 

  • Instant hot water provider.
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Up to 50% less power consumption.
  • High safety provide.
  • Maximum flow rate higher than another small heater.
  • Not suitable for r large family and home connections.

Overall, all aspects are great of this Stiebel Eltron from this review. If you choose this, It will be one of the best options as the best point-of-use is a 110v tankless water heater for the shower. So without wasting time get advantages from this. 

ECO TOUCH Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater (B07MDZC6KG)

The EcoTouch is the best point-of-use tankless water heater that comes with an automatic thermostat that offers you to change the temperature. Plus, its excellent flow rates provide you with endless hot water instantly anywhere you need it. It can provide hot water continuously to your shower and kitchen tap while saving up to 50% of energy and cost. The compact design enables you to fix it near the frequent area where you want hot water. 

ECO TOUCH Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater (B07MDZC6KG)


Instant Hot Water

This EcoTouch tankless water heater is Applied with a 5.5KW heating system and can supply hot water instantly without wasting time. When you turn on the tap, it can deliver the hot water with 116℉ and according to your needs.

Compact Design 

This excellent compact design with perfect single solutions for Kitchen and Bathroom Sink can be installed horizontally, vertically, obliquely, best for school, hospital, and a hair salon. 

Self Adjustments Temp 

The water heater adjusts the temperature according to your needs based on the flow rates of water. The less power input is based on flow rates. If you set the temp, you will be able to save energy and electricity bill charges. 

Very Convenient 

The tankless water heater comes with a digital display panel, and its touch screen enables you to control the temperature quickly and enjoy your time. It also gives you ease of use with its automatic functionality. When the water reaches the desirable point, it will automatically turn off for further heating. 

Excellent Durability

The beautiful, robust multipurpose machine for heating the water instantly comes with many safety certifications and proves it 100% safe. The water leakage problem and high-temperature scale will never come in this model. This EcoTouch tankless water heater Approval by ETL and UL certified model.


The excellent compact and sleek design water heater will become the best point of use a 240v water heater to provide hot water anywhere close to the outlets quickly. It gives you 1.2GPM water from 67℉ to 109℉ at a single point of use. 

Electric Tankless Water Heater For Sinks

This smart EcoTouch model for heating water provides instant and endless hot water with 98% efficiency rates. That can consume low power and reduce electricity consumption. 

  • Water heater for 1-2 point-of-use.
  • Multiple safety protection and approval by UL.
  • Multiple safety protection and approval by UL.
  • Adjustable temperature with touch screen display.
  • Pricey.

Ecosmart ECO MINI (B00M05ISBQ)

The most famous brand ecosmart electric mini-tank water heater with 2.5 GPM performs excellent when you require hot water. The endless hot water supply gives you comfort, along with its digital technology will get amazing results. 

Ecosmart ECO MINI (B00M05ISBQ)


Quick Hot Water Supply

The heating process started when you required hot water. The 2.5GPM tank keeps warm water and supplies quickly anywhere you want without waiting. If the tap has a fixture, then just turn on the tap and get hot water instantly.

Lightweight and Compact Size:

Ecosmart point of use water heater is very lightweight, which is approximately only 19.5 pounds. It’s also compact in design and easily moveable any place when you need to replace it. It’s best for indoor installations. You can easily keep it under the sink. 

Easy Installation:

Mini tank water heaters come with a compact design that can easily fit any small space. This is correctly installed in limited space in any position, but the preferable option is vertical. 

Pressure Relief Valve:

Ecosmart ECO MINI comes with a pressure relief valve and 2.5 hot water tanks. The pressure relief valve uses residential water for the heating tank water. It’s beneficial for relieving the pressure at 50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, It can protect the heater from excess pressure and high-temperature point and control the temp. 

Best suitable for:

You can use it for any purpose. The EcoSmart tank water heater best works for many point-of-use applications. It’s best suited for residential areas and commercial. It will heat the water quickly and install near the shower and faucet. 

Save Money 

It’s an inexpensive small tank heater than others. With high-quality material and excellent features, no one can beat this model. Its low power consumption and 98% efficiency rates make it the best mini-tanked heater for cold weather. 

  • Very efficient and convenient design.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Plugin to 120v.
  • Compact and easy to install in any small space.
  • Instant hot water supply.
  • Many varieties of usage.
  • May cold water fastly.

Atmor AT-900-03 Single Sink (B00LNICDKS)

The Atmor At-910 electric tankless water heater is one of the best and top-ranking new tankless heaters on the market. To provide hot water service fast and safely. It comes in a small size that allows you to install it under sinks and near showers.

Atmor AT-900-03 Single Sink (B00LNICDKS)


On-demand Hot Water Supply 

The electric water heater offers an on-demand hot water supply without consuming higher power than other tanked heaters. It can supply hot water when required; otherwise, stop the process of heating.  

Money And Power Saving 

Eventually, this will give you up to 50% power savings and money-saving options. Therefore, if you are worried about your high electricity bill, we will recommend saving money in winter and if you are living in cold climates, then use it without worry. 

Digital Display

Furthermore, this Atmor model comes with excellent stylish looks that are small in size and has a digital panel that allows you to set the temperature just by touching the board’s screen. 

Flow Rates 

The first atmor tankless water heater is best for two to three points of use. It has high water flow rates, about 3.7 GPM, which is enough for one faucet and one shower.

  • Best suitable for cold climates places.
  • Affordable price with excellent features.
  • Digital adjustable temperature display.
  • It is easy to use and easy to install.
  • Not best for a large family.

PowerStar AE-7.2 (B01NARAS9X)

This machine is one of the best point-of-use tankless water heaters on this list because it offers a user-friendly environment. It comes with energy-efficient technology that can work with 98% efficiency rates. Powerstar AE-7.2 electric tankless heater is right for both commercial and residential use. Plus it’s an eco-friendly option to attract everyone to buy it and enjoy the winter with it. 

PowerStar AE-7.2 (B01NARAS9X)


Flow Rates 

The power star is a budget-friendly option for you and gives you hot water with 99% efficiency. This heater can supply hot water with 1.2 GPM and work excellently with single point-of-use hot water. 

Compact size And space

the small and very lightweight at 5 pounds. That’s why it perfectly fits under the sink. If you have limited space, select this model you can easily install without any disturbance. This compact design is best for indoor installation near the point of use.

Easy Installation

You can install it in any position under the sink, like vertical or horizontal direction. But we recommend installing this professional because of its safety reasons, and the installation process may be complicated for you. 

  • High-efficiency rates.
  • Compact design.
  • Best for indoor.
  • Instant hot water provides 1.2 GPM.
  • Not right for a large family.
  • Not right for a large family.

Bosch Tronic 3000 (B00ELGB58U)

Bosch’s reasons for selecting the best electric tankless water list are its multiple features and mini in size that give you comfort for easy installation and comfy warm water anywhere instantly.

Bosch Tronic 3000 (B00ELGB58U)

Easy Installation 

The great thing about this model is the simplicity of its installation. You can fix any angle of vertical, horizontal, and oblique. Very quickly set up in any small space or under the sink. 

Flow Rates

Additionally, the tankless water heater gives you seven gallons of hot water, enough for large families and homes with multiple points of use. It will supply endless hot water just by turning your faucet on.

Save Energy and Money

Due to its tankless water heater design, it is constructive in saving power and money. The direct and on-demand heating water features no standby energy loss, and a relief valve is required. This way, you can save money and power efficiently. 

Compact Design 

The bosch with mini size and robust and sturdy structure gives you a long time of usage. Bosch tankless water heaters with high-quality materials, construction, and maintenance make it a unique thing. It also has a temperature control knob that you can adjust for the hot water supply. 

  • Easy to use and install.
  • Excellent mini tankless heater.
  • Compact design with comfortable control temperature with a knob.
  • Affordable in price.
  • It mats drip sometimes.

As we mentioned in detail above, the bosch with a better solution is to install in a small space and best a point-of-use electric tankless water heater for everyone. It consumes low power and gives you hot water on demand anywhere you want to turn on the tap. These are all benefits of choosing tankless heaters for your home, without any doubt. 

Thermoflow UT10 (B079NT5HQD)

A thermoflow UT10 works amazingly well with its 2.6 gallon per minute flow rate. That provides instant hot water without wasting time. Its sturdy design makes it highly durable and makes it efficient for long-life services. Plus, the thermostat’s features enable you to choose the desired temperature that helps in low power consumption, supporting you in saving money. 

Thermoflow UT10 (B079NT5HQD)



The thermal flow tank water heater becomes the best point of use tankless water heater with its 2.6 gallons per minute water flow capacity. That provides hot water where you need it instantly. 

Design And Durability 

The stainless steel body makes it durable. The high-efficiency heating element, which uses low power consumption for heating the water, makes it the best service hot water provider in a reasonable price range. 

Low Power Consumption/Save Energy 

This tank water heater is specially designed for low power consumption. Its mini size 2.5-gallon water storage tank saves hot water and keeps it warm for a long time. If you require hot water, then it will instantly offer hot water according to your favorable control temperature without a second wait. 

An Ideal Solution For

This is an ideal water heater for every place, such as Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks, Commercial and Office, residential, and small apartment use. The small 4-gallon storage water heater is the best point-of-use tankless water heater for dishwashers and showers. 


The thermostat features enable you to set the desired temperature for heating like if you select a temperature range between 45°F to 167°F, that will provide this level of hot water temperature and avoid our boiling water problem. 

Quick Hot Water Supply

The thermoflow UT10 Mini-Tank Water Heater fits under the sink easily and is best suitable for small spaces. This Provides hot water in seconds at the point of use electric water heaters which you selected. It works great for a garage, a small kitchen, or even in an RV or on a boat. 

This can heat the water quickly with 120v power that’s why this is best under a sink tankless water heater for small space. 

  • Quick water supply.
  • Mini tank with 2.5-gallon storage.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Highly durable with its stainless steel tank body.
  • Little bit pricey.

Thermoflow UT10 electric mini-tank water heater is a real point-of-use heating product in the market. Its convenient use and under-sink installation make it adorable. The Thermoflow allows you to set the desired temperature mode, and there’s minimal standby loss from this point-of-use mini-tank water heater. 

Buying Guide For Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heater 2022

You should know some essential features of tankless water heaters before buying the best point-of-use tankless water heater. It will support and increase the confidence to select the best ones according to their specs and features. 

Gas vs. Electric 

When purchasing the POU water heater, most people prefer electric tankless water heaters due to their low maintenance and cost. Plus, its low power consumption makes it best suitable for everyone, like commercial and residential use. This is a more convenient option than gas heaters because the gas pipeline is not enabled in every place. 

Moreover, even if you have gas lines, an electric water heater still is the best choice for you because you can move the water heater from one point to another to have electric sockets near the point of use. 


You do not need the same temperatures all the time, and you prefer some option for adjusting the temperature according to your needs. You must buy a thermostat water heater that works well with desired temperature control. 

Heating Element

You should check out the heating element features and pick those that can provide hot water quickly. The heater depends on heating elements, so make sure you get instant heating providers. It’s also helpful to use low power for heating the water and save your money in the future. 

Furthermore, You make sure that the heating element works excellently and fulfills all your requirements of yours. As Well as that it must consume less energy, you should check the efficiency of the heating element before buying it.


Before buying the water heater, whether it’s tankless or tank, you should check out this dimension. If this is easily fitted or installed in your place. Choose only those water heaters which are ideally set in your space that’s why the POU water heaters are the best heaters that fit easily in any area and give you optimum results. 

Installation & Maintenance

The gas water heater required complex installation as compared to electric heaters. Plus, the gas water heater becomes cozy. This is best when you have a power supply issue, and then you should prefer a gas water heater. Otherwise, the electric water heater is suitable for providing point-of-use hot water if you have electric supply sockets. 

The next important thing that you need to consider is maintenance. You should use those products which require low maintenance and give you the best outputs of higher efficiency for a long time. 

Initial Cost

When you buy the tankless point-of-use water heater, these models are much less costly than gas heaters. The gas heaters for point-of-use purposes need more money and energy to supply hot water than electric water heaters. Therefore the gas heater costs about $1000-$1200, and an electric small tankless water heater you can get with installation and maintenance at just $200-$700.

What is the point of using a tankless water heater?

The best point of use tankless water heater is designed for small houses and premium use. These mini heating modules work efficiently to provide instant hot water to a single fixture using a source of electricity or gas. They also install it near that place where you need hot water. 

However, these water heaters are best suited for commercial and residential sectors with limited space and cold climates, which require hot water when turning on the tap. They offer a limited hot water supply just for a sink, shower, apartment, and RVs. Their mini-size tank is ideal for residential and commercial use where space is limited and the set is installed near to the point-of-use, such as under a kitchen sink or next to a shower.

Moreover, it has a lower flow rate, enabling it to meet the demand for one bathroom or one kitchen only. Plus, their small size does not look bad, but it gives an elegant and sleek look to your place. 

Types of Water Heaters

There are two kinds of water heaters: a water heater with a tank and another is a tankless water heater. So here we have a detailed review of the tankless water heater with pros and cons. 

Water heaters with a Tank

A point-of-use tanked water heater is similar to a traditional water heater; this is also a mini-size heater. This tanked water heater comes with a small tanked hot water storage space that is approximately 2.5 to 20 gallons. This water heater comes in different sizes you can get according to your needs.  


Instant hot water provider.

Large varieties in design and size are available. 

Easy to install. 

Heat water quickly. 

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater does not have a tank to store heated water. that is small in size and installed near the point-of-use. These heat the water only when you need it and turn on the tap for hot water. The water’s instant heating makes it efficient to provide warm water without wastage of time and water. They work with water flow rates like it can flow warm water at 2.0 to 2.5 gallons per minute.  


Endless hot water supplier.

Save power and money. 

It is only heating the water when required. 

Smaller than the tanked water heater. 


FAQs about the Best Point-of-use Tankless Water Heater 2022

Here are some information questions answered about point-of-use tankless water heaters, which will help you and clear your difficulty if you have any. 

How does a point-of-use water heater perform?

A point-of-use water heater comes with a tank and or tankless. A tanked water heater is connected to the water pipeline and stores hot water in a storage tank. When warm water is required, it is instantly provided without a wait because it will store hot water before delivery. 

On the other hand, the tankless water heater only heats the water when required because it does not have any tank to store the hot water. You can control the temperature by the flow rates of the water. It is installed under the basin or sink. This is a better choice than a tanked water heater because it consumes low power and saves money. 

How Does POU Heater Work?

The POU heater’s mechanism does not provide hot water through the pipeline, but it works to heat the water and works closer to the faucet. If you need instant hot water, then a POU water heater is the best choice for you. 

What is the Ideal Temperature setting for tankless water heaters? 

The ideal temperature for taking a shower with hot water in cold climates would be 130 degrees. 

That’s hot as you need a warm shower. If you set 120 degrees, this is the best use for kitchen sink basin use.

What size point-of-use water heater for a single tap? 

For a single shower, tap the flow rate of water at 2.5 gallons per minute. But if you run two batteries simultaneously, the size of the tankless water heater should be 5 gallons per minute. 

How long is a tankless water heater durable? 

It depends on brand manufacturing and quality. Most tankless water heaters have 10-15 years of life expiry; it will be extended by many more years if you are recyclable its parts. 


Finding an ideal under-the-sink/ tankless water heater can be a tedious task; this comprehensive review of point-of-use tankless water heaters will help you when you buy the best ones without any inconvenience. They are all the best, and top-ranking water heaters in the market with their excellent features like the hot water flow rates are always constant, Ideal temperature setting modes, and highly durable products in a reasonable price range. We will hope that our recommendations never disappoint you. 

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