Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Your tankless water heater needs maintenance every time for the good results of the water heater. The care would be the same whether it’s inside or out. People who desire energy efficiency and hot water on demand might consider tankless water heaters. They are small and are increasingly becoming the ideal choice for residential and commercial water heaters. If you have a tankless water heater, you must keep it in good working order. They were doing tankless water heater maintenance service to increase the life of a water heater.


Why do we do tankless water heater maintenance?

Minerals build up inside the water heater over time. If you have hard water, this may happen more quickly. Mineral deposits can harm your unit’s heat exchanger. The tank’s efficiency could decline, resulting in a larger monthly energy bill. You can drastically reduce the life expectancy of your tankless water heater by not flushing it. Sorry to say that damage due to a mineral deposit cannot recover by warranty.

Maintenance Duration:

Tankless water heater annual maintenance is very necessary. This needs to be done pretty often somewhere in the 12 to the 18-month range, maybe two years. If you’ve got hard water if you have soft water, you’re not going to need to do this very often. The soft water will not scale on you very much, maybe still a little bit, so you could probably go three-four years. 

If you have soft water, I have many kids in the house, so we use many hot glasses of water. I’m doing this every 12 months at my home you can’t do it too much if you wait too long. I’ve had to take off all my aerators and thermostatic. 

Required tools for Maintenance:

Isolation ValvePump with Bucket
Pair of PliersVinegar or Commercial flushing
Screw DriversNeedle-Nose

Tankless water heater maintenance costs a little, but you get better results regarding life expectancy and performance. The next thing you need is just a couple of tools. We need a pair of pliers, a needle-nose, two screwdrivers depending on your model, but that’s really about it. The other expensive item that you need is probably the most expensive piece. Still, very reusable is a submersible pump with a bucket, just a standard 5-gallon bucket. This is a collection of tools called a tankless water heater maintenance kit. We’re going to flush by running either just some classic vinegar from the grocery store, or you can also buy one of these. This is a commercial flushing descaling agent.

The Process of Descaling Tankless Water Heater Maintenance:

Maintenance of the tankless water heater the step one; turn off the power and the gas, cut the water to the unit. Blue is your cold line, and red is your hot out. So the tank is now fully isolated. Go ahead and pump through the cold side. Pour that descaling agent into this bucket right here. We’re doing is moving the solution through the tank itself. But the easiest thing to do is get a washer set of stockings with two female ends on both sides. Make sure you’ve got a rubber gasket in there, so they’re sealed well. If they didn’t come with a gasket, it’s going to leak badly, so make sure you’ve got a little rubber gasket in there.

The vinegar water will then be pumped into the heater using the sump pump. You’ll want to flush the machine with ordinary water after washing it with vinegar water. More information on how to accomplish this can be found in your user handbook. You may descale your electric tankless water heater maintenance yourself, or you can buy a descaling package with instructions.

After the tankless water heater maintenance, reassemble it pretty straightforward. Let’s double-check its last one. The previous shovel checks no power, no gas; no water is coming in, no water going out to the house. But one tip I want to give you is if your pump doesn’t pump, immediately check and see that there’s no air bubble in the pump.


Before we get into tankless water heater maintenance, you need a set of isolation valves. If your unit does not have these, call a plumber and get this kit installed. Be sure that the plumber has this. I’ve seen many electric tankless water heaters installed; without an isolation valve, you can’t do this flush routine with it. It’d be a huge pain to do it yourself too. 

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